How Many Bottles of Champagne Should You Purchase Per Person for A Party?

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Have you planned a wedding party or social gathering on a special occasion? You have included Champagne in your menu to give the best experience to your guests. But how many Champagne bottles should you buy for your guests at the party? You must have a good stock of Champagne to avoid any shortage at the event.

Champagne Is Available In Different-sized Bottles

The most popular one is the standard bottle with a capacity of 75 cl. The half bottle holds Champagne of around 37.5 cl. The capacity of the quarter bottle is about 20 cl, and it is best for filling a single glass.

Calculating Champagne Bottles For Any Social Event

With a standard bottle, you will get 6 glasses of sparkling wine. Every glass has the capacity to hold around 12.5 cl. But how many glasses will your guests drink? It depends on how you have set the event. If you plan to serve only Champagne, each person will need 4 to 5 glasses of the drink. However, if your guests have chosen Champagne as only an aperitif, you may consider 2 flutes per person.

A 750-ml bottle of the bubble drink fills 5 or 6 regular glasses. But, some guests may not prefer the drink, whereas others will order a couple of glasses. So, you should consider at least 1 glass of Champagne for every guest. Find the approximate estimate before buying Champagne bottles below:

  • 2 bottles for 10 guests
  • 10 bottles for 50 guests

Based on these estimates, you can easily calculate the number of Champagne bottles you need.

The Number Of Champagne Bottles For A Big Event

If you have invited more than 50 guests to your social gathering, you must think differently. In most cases, weddings and reception parties are comparatively large. Champagne is not the only drink for these events. Although Champagne is the most sumptuous alcoholic drink, everyone has different feelings and appreciation. You may serve this drink with a dessert. If every guest enjoys 2 flutes of bubbly drink, you can buy 16 bottles.

The Number Of Champagne Bottles For A Small Party

You might have planned a family gathering and invited only 5 people. Most often, the purpose of this party is to have meals with your dear ones. Before providing the meal, you may serve your guests with a glass of sparkling wine. Some persons will want to have at least 2 flutes. You may buy at least 4 bottles to avoid any shortage.

Buy Champagne From A Reliable Store

Champagne is the best drink for celebrating a party. But, it is often challenging to determine how many premium bottles you should buy for your guests. If there is a shortage of Champagne at the party, it will disappoint your guests. On the contrary, you do not want to waste your drinks after the party. So, you should make an appropriate calculation based on your needs.

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